If we get sent enough money, we’ll make BeggieGame: The Game of Sending Money. But first we need you to send money.

BeggieGame Features

  • Graphics
  • THX Surround Sound
  • Parry Mechanic
  • Beggie Duels (Nonlethal)
  • Fast Loading
  • BeggieLand Theme Park
  • Beggie Duels (To the Death)
  • Squid Game
  • Beggies will fall in love, mate, and make new Beggies
  • Zero Ennui
  • NecroBeggies
  • Animal Crossing
  • Automated Money Sending

BeggieGame Stretch Goals

To unlock these, send more money.

  • Cyberpunk Mode
  • Beggie Evolution
  • The complete works of Mary Shelley
  • Beggie Divorces
  • 60 FPS Money Sending